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One Woman’s Adventure In The World Of Chess

Watching a ches match in New York City’s Bryant Park
Two years ago, I watched a chess game in NYC’s Bryant Park, a time when strangers could come together over a common interest. (My photo)

Count me as one of the millions of women motivated to learn to play chess after watching Beth play in the Netflix series, The Queen’s Gambit. I paid for’s Gold membership, $30 for the year. I became one of many women inspired to take up the game. Two weeks…

Mexico Sightseeing

In 1865, Guanajuato’s new burial taxes were more than some people could afford, but the government didn’t care. There was money to be made. After three missed payments, gravediggers removed the body from its grave. The gravediggers then placed the corpses in airtight wooden slots above ground. Many poor people…

Determination, Gratitude And Your Mental Health

Photo by Ramiz Dedaković on Unsplash

My husband and I are living in Coyoacán, an upscale neighborhood in Mexico City. The city has a high number of COVID infections, but the streets are busy. There are always a lot of working people waiting for the city buses. Others are standing in line to buy food from…

A New York Nailbiter

My photo of the Brooklyn Bridge and lower Manhattan

The Brooklyn Bridge has always been a center of fascination. Maybe it was the gothic architecture. Maybe the story of death and dangerous during construction. Or maybe its instant leap to worldwide marvel. Whatever it was, the Brooklyn Bridge has always inspired people.

The Brooklyn Bridge’s Early Morning Surrender

On July 22, 2014, people noticed the…

A Real-Life Amateur Detective Story

My photo in Corona, Queens

There’s something fascinating about putting the pieces together to learn the whole story. Maybe that’s why we love to watch real-life crime show and detective series. But evidence can be a tricky thing.

For a long time, people in parts of Queens, NY, were complaining about loud music lasting until…

Mexico’s True Stories Are More Dramatic Than Its Legends

Malinche helped Hernán Cortés conquer Mexico. She betrayed her people. Was she was a traitor or a feminist hero? Mexicans are re-interpreting history

Malinche’s Mother Taught Her About Betrayal

A view of the tropical Gulf of Mexico, where Cortes sailed past

Malinche was born with the name Malinali.

Malinali already had problems before Hernán Cortés landed in Mexico.

Malinali, was born around the year 1500 along the Gulf of Mexico. Her family were nobles from the Nahua tribe, but that didn’t help Malinali much.

When her father died, her mother re-married…

Jungle Adventure

In 1970, Ed Welch and Bruce Frey hired a guide who, in ten days, taught them jungle survival. Then, they set out alone, by canoe, along the Amazon river.

Outside Magazine ‘s podcast episode, Treed By A Jaguar, gives you an exciting, firsthand account of this adventure.

Ed and Bruce…


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